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[pimpage] F·T! I·S! L·A! N·D! LET'S GO!!!!

This is partly for partypaprika, because I promised her pimpage, partly for me, just cause it's fandom indulging, and partly for everyone else because F.T Island is releasing their second Korean album on the 23rd so this can make for good anticipation. :D It took me days to finish but I'm glad I did it.

eta 090217 - DISCOGRAPHY UPDATED; just the discography though, not the profiles. wonbin's still here, not seunghyun :/


F.T. Island (Korean : 에프티 아일랜드), Five Treasure Island, or FTI, is the name of a South Korean rock ballad band. The name F.T. Island stands for 'Five Treasure Island', each of the five members being a treasure.[1] The band's official color is yellow, and their fans carry yellow flags known as "pentasticks." Their debut album, Cheerful Sensibility, was the sixth best-selling album of 2007 in South Korea. — wiki:FTI
members · television · music videos · performances · discography · credits


LEE HONGKI 【 이홍기 】
► Lead Vocals
► 1990.02.06 ❍; 1990.03.02 ☀
► 176cm; 60kg
► AB Type

Hongki is the lead vocals, and while some say he can't sing for shit, I'd beg to differ, the kid can definitely sing. See him hit high notes with Cherry Filter's Romantic Cat and Kim Ah Jung's Maria even though his throat was pretty sore at the time.

Hongki was also a child actor and he first "debuted" as an actor back in 2002 in KBS2's Magic Kid Masuri as the main role. Don't ask, I'm not sure myself wtf that's about, lmao, but Hongki has more than once mentioned in interviews how he was originally training to become an all-around entertainer (which means he wanted to be able to act, sing and dance I guess), and also that his acting experience helps a lot with singing and projection, which is probably why he's always oozing with confidence.

Kangin → Eeteuk → Hongki
✪ He's supposed to be SJ Kangteuk's love child or whatever, so if you're an SJ or Kangteuk fan, surely you've at least heard of him. It's cute though since he does kind of resemble both of them at times. Hongki/Kangin comparison, and a picture where Hongki seems to have raided Eeteuk's closet (not to mention borrowed his hairstylist). (Eeteuk for comparison.)
Kangin Cut from Hongki's Happy Shares Co.
Hongki and Eeteuk talking on the Phone during the 080724 Episode of MBC Every1 Idol Show. [subbed]

Education: Booljung Elementary School, Yangyoung Middle School, Seongji High School
Hobbies: Singing, listening to music, soccer, playing games (board and Internet)
Charm Point:: "How my eyes crinkle when I smile :D"
Message to future girlfriend:
"Let's do our best! Even if I don't do well, please understand me~" 【 잘해보자! 잘하지 못해도 이해해줘~ 】

First Live in Thailand — Hongki Solo
Hongki shows off his SEXY BOOTAY [subbed], 5+ Mb
→ The boys talk about how Hongki's has a plump butt, he shows it off and Jonghun agrees saying tht they're opposites cause his ass is as flat as an ironing board. :D
Hongki dancing to Rokkugo (sort of).
Manwon Haengbok — Lee Hongki vs. Kim Shinyoung
→ It's not subbed, I know, but Manwon Haengbok (aka Happy Shares Company) is one of my favorite Korean shows ever, and as long as you've seen an episode or two before, you're good. If you haven't I recommend Super Junior's Eunhyuk's or Heechul's
Big Bang Cut from Hongki's Happy Shares [subbed]
080105 Sponge - Funny Magic Show Hongki CUT
Young Hongki Drama Interview [pre-debut]
Young Hongki at Camp, with Friends [pre-debut]
"Breakdancing" Hongki @ Star King
080605 FTIsland - Music ON! TV Kanfu - Hongki

► Leader, Lead Guitar, Piano
► 1990.03.07
► 178cm; 56kg
► A Type

He was actually the first one who caught my eye watching them in photoshoots/cfs they did with Younha (who is totally to blame for this, btw, believe it or not, explanations later). He looked different from the rest, it was probably the short black hair, haha. At first I thought he was the cool, silent leader (LMAO, RIGHT), and with their first show (두근두근 여친만들기; Wanna Be My Girlfriend?) I think that was the image they were hoping for. (They kept describing him as quiet and gallant and romantic AND LOLWHAT.) The more you watch FTI in shows though, the more it becomes apparent that Jonghun fails so hard at being cool. His band mates constantly tease him for being an oddball — it's a widely recognized fact, basically that he's a cheesy and awkward dork.

Education: Shindongshinjoong Jungbosanub High School
Hobbies: Listening to music, the Internet
Charm Point:: Nose
Message to future girlfriend:
"What should I buy for you? What do you want? <3" 【 뭐 사줄까? 뭘 원해? ♡ 】

Jonghun's Ideal Girl
✪ Princess NO; Easygoing girl YES
✪ Someone who doesn't show too much affection BEST
✪ Likes Eric Clapton

First Live in Thailand — Jonghun Solo
080605 FTIsland - Music ON! TV Kanfu - JongHun
Jonghun playing "Right Here Waiting" on the Piano
"Hentai Jonghun"
→ Basically sound check before one of their lives in Japan where Jonghun is being a weirdo as always and Hongki calls him on it. Sorta. :D♥
Hongki and Jonghun "DUET" from First Island Concert
→ It features Hongki too, and Jonghun doesn't even really sing, he just basically lip-syncs, but he is the one dressed as a fucking girl, so the clip goes under him. :D
MNet Wide — The Perfect Man; ~ 6MB [stream @ VEOH]
→ FTI is asked about their idea of a perfect man and Jonghun fanboys over Big Bang's TOP. No joke. :DDD♥

OH WONBIN 【 오워빈 】
► Guitar, Vocals (Rap)
► 1990.03.26
► 180cm; 63kg
► O Type

To be honest, Wonbin was the member it took me longest to warm up to, but all that's in the past, I love him now. He's supposed to be the one with the "manly" image, probably because he's the one with the supposedly well-defined muscles (LOL), as evidence (also, supposedly) by his always wearing sleeveless shirts. But then manly image aside, he can be a kid, too, sometimes. Like in that hangeul Island episode where he and Hongki take the train (the rest take the bus) to get to Shinjuku and at the station he realises that he's lost his ticket. Hongki teases him about it and threatens to leave him alone and he was like a cute little kid grabbing onto Honki's sleeves and going "STAY HERE DON'T LEAVE ME." :D:D:D

Education: Seongji High School
Hobbies: Exercise (all sports), listening to music
Charm Point:: When he smiles, his half-moon eyes and his dimples
Message to future girlfriend:
"When are you coming? T_T I'm lonely" 【 언제올래? ㅠㅠ 외로워 】

Wonbin's Ideal Girl
✪ Learns well.
✪ Plays sports well.
✪ Looks well.
✪ Has lots of charm.
✪ Is tall.

First Live in Thailand — Wonbin Solo
080605 FTIsland - Music ON! TV Kanfu - Wonbin
Wonbin Cam-whoring
Wonbin trying out a guitar.
Wonbin hitting Minhwan.
→ They're CUTE, okay, even if it's a useless cut. >:| Also, if Minhwan is talking about HYD's Tsukushi-chan then thrice the adorable. ♥
080616 FT Island - Gyao Midtown - Arm Wrestling cut.
→ Under here cause Wonbin wins over Hongki manly man that he is. :D

LEE JAEJIN 【 이재진 】
► Bass
► 1991.12.17
► 177cm; 58kg
► A Type

I will admit to being a slightly crappy fan since I don't really know what to say about Jaejin. orz. However, just because he's my number 5 doesn't mean I don't love him at all. Jaejin has the image of a smart kid, and apparently he is pretty conscious about his grades and he's ranked as high as fiifth in his class. Their music teacher also says Jaejin has the most determination to learn out of the boys, awww.

Jaejin also has wonderful engrish. In an episode of Wanna Be My Girlfriend? the boys visit the English Village (that place needs more idols visiting it, seriously) and Jaejin goes on to show his awesome Engrish skills by calling a piggy bank a PIG BAG. Way to go smart boy. MORE ENGRISH TO ENDEAR US TO YOU PRS. :)

EDIT: Also, thanks to wad for reminding, Jaejin is also an actor, he had a biggish role in Unstoppable Marriage, in which the rest of the band also made cameos and for which Hongki sang the theme song Lately, I (one of my favorites ever) with SeeYa's Nam GyuRi.

Education: Seonyoo High School
Hobbies: Internet Searchs, Questions(like about music or asking questions to a music specialist)
Charm Point:: Lips
Message to future girlfriend:
"Saranghaeng" (Cute way to say "I Love You")

Jaejin's Ideal Girl
✪ Preferbly an older girl (noona)
✪ Cute/Pretty, Somewhat Shy
✪ Slim face, pale skin
✪ Good Reader
✪ A girl that can play piano.

First Live in Thailand — Jaejin Solo
080605 FTIsland - Music ON! TV Kanfu - Jaejin
"Goat Jaejin"
Jaejin trying out a bass guitar.

► Drums
► 1992.11.11
► 173cm; 55kg
► A Type

I know I make fun of SHINee and Taemin the 14/15 yr old and yet my second FTI favorite is the 15/16 yr old. SUE ME. THE KID IS ADORABLE. Plus in some pictures Hyukjae looks like him and vice versa DO NOT JUDGE.

I kind of love how in their pre-debut show he was the little kid everyone teased and then shortly after debut they all admit how he's the one with the most (female) fans because of his aegyo and then a year later he's gained so much fucking confidence, that Wonbin calls him out for being the maknae and yet his the one always hitting his hyungs. (And then hen cheekily declares I'M THE HYUNG or ore wa onii-chan, since the show was in fucking Japan. :D:D:D) The kids knows how to utilize his aegyo, you have to give him that. Moreover, I've always had a weakness for drummers. :)

Education: Yanghwa Middle School
Hobbies: Listening to music, looking at popular Internet searches
Charm Point:: His aegyo
Message to future girlfriend:
"My cute and pretty girlfriend, be healthy, I love you!" 【 나의 귀엽고 이쁜 여자친구야 건강하고 사랑햄! 】

Minhwan's Ideal Girl
✪ Under 163cm in height.
✪ Likes pink and yellow.

First Live in Thailand — Minhwan Solo
080605 FTIsland - Music ON! TV Kanfu - Minhwan
Beatboxing Minhwan
Cute Minhwan crawling for Noona
Minhwan and Jonghun drumming
Minhwan and his aegyo
080725 Minhwan Drum Solo

NOTE: None of the shows are completely subbed but I'm linking to the playlists with subbed files only for now. IOf you like what you see you can always search for RAWS on YT. :D

MNet 두근두근 여친만들기; Wanna Be My Girlfriend? [SUBBED]
► Also known as FT Island Show, this was their pre-debut show which had the boys at first "training" to become good boyfriends and thenlater on opening a free for all "WANNA BE MY GIRLFRIEND?" on their MNet site and then going out with applicants. Lmao, don't ask, I don't get the point either, and it's mostly fan service, but it's awesomely cute and funny.

Park Kyung Lim's Wonderful Outing [SUBBED]
► Each episode of the show is different because it's Korea's first adaptive talk show. Instead of having a scripted out session, the artists can choose the activity that they want to do for the day, and from there the talk show will commence. The time and location of the filming is all up to the artists, and for this FTI episode, PKL and Co. visit FTI in their new dorm in Japan. It has a cut where they wake the boys up early in the morning, and who doesn't want to see idols get up in the morning?

MTV Treasure Island [RAW]

MNet Hangeul Island [SUBBED]
► Basically, this program shows the first few months of their life in Japan, wth the boys teaching bits of Korean to their Japanese audience at the end of every show.

F.T Island @ School of Rock [SUBBED]
► The boys visit an all-girls school, and on the way they talk about each other. School of Rock with idols is always fun. :D

MBC Every1 Idol Army Ddeottda Geunyeo! [RAW]
► The new show on MBC, and FTI hosted the second episode, with the Brown-Eyed Girls as guests.

Narara Jjambbong [RAW]
► The rest of FT Island's stay in Japan, focusing on their studies while there.

OTHERS (Interviews, Etc.) [all subbed]
070828 Arirang Showbiz Extra F.T Island 01/02
070828 Arirang Showbiz Extra F.T Island 02/02
FT Island's Making of Star Watch
FT Island - Boosanilbo Interview

NOTE: I'm not including the MV's from songs they sang for soundtracks (even though those are some of my favorite FTI songs ever). It's not like there's major FTI exposure in them anyway.

F.T Island (Let's Go!)
► For some reason a lot of Korean bands need to have at least one song entitled their name – this is FTI's. It's one of the catchier tracks from their first album, so catchy in fact it sticks to your head, and refuses to leave until you start thinking that it's actually one of your favorite tracks from the album even though you originally laughed at it when you first hear it. TRUFAX. The video features clips from the boys' show Wanna Be My Girlfriend?

사랑앓이 (Saranghalee; Love Sick)
► This is pretty much the song that put the group on the map. I have to be honest, it's not exactly a favorite of mine, but it's a decent enough song. It's a melodramatic song (most of FTI's releases are), and the chorus translates to something like "the sin of loving that person a lot, the sin of loving you a lot" so you can just imagine the drama going on in the video, lmao.

행복합니다 (Haengbokhamnida; I Am Happy)
► There is Wonbin playing the harmonica. In the library. While a bunch of actors playing a couple (with the guy resembling Lee Jun Ki a lot) are having a pillow fight. IN THE LIBRARY. Well a personal office/library anyway. To the tune of what is mostly a positive song that I like very much. :D

너 올 때까지 (Until You Return) + 눈물이 더 가까운 사람 (A Person Who's Closer To Tears)
► Back to back songs with drama to go with, that's their gimmick. Wonbin and Hongki star as brothers who save this rich girl's (rich girl on the run mind you) life and then they both fall in love with her. The girl chooses Hongki, who gets in trouble at school (cause he believes in aliens, lmao) and Wonbin gets beaten up for him. Go watch, the video's subbed. :D

천둥 (Chundong; Thunder) + 한 사람만 (Hansaramman; Only One Person)
► Part 1 of 2; SUBBED. The video starts with Hongki at a club eyeing two girls and thinking about how choosing either one of them will change his life. He chooses the dancing girl, and the next morning it turns out she's his teacher. Minhwan plays his best friend who has a crush on the girl who has a crush on Hongki. Who, yes, starts having an affair with his teaches. And of course, drama ensues. Hongki gets beaten up, Minhwan gets beaten up, there's always someone getting beaten up, lmao.

남자의 첫사람은 무덤까지 간다 (A Man's First Love Follows Him To His Grave) + 한 사람만 (Hansaramman; Only One Person)
► Part 2 of 2; SUBBED. This is the other half of the previous video where Hongki chooses the other girl who turns out to be the daughter of some mafia dude. With Jonghun as her body guard. Hongki gets beaten, Jonghun gets beaten, and yep, FTI still keeps getting beat up. Bias though since it's Jonghun in a suit getting beaten up so, :) (AND I'M REALLY ACE AT DESCRIBING THE VIDEOS AREN'T I?)

► I have to admit to being biased because the Japanese mini-album is pretty much what drove me to become a major F.T Island fan. Wonbin gets more lines too (Hongki actually seems to be secondary vocals in this one), and I'm not really complaining since IMO, the song fits Wonbin's vocals pretty well.

► Their latest video, which I really love despite it being black and white, cause it's a song about friendship, and that's exactly what the video shows: the boys just goofing around, recording music and looking like they're having fun.

I will be adding uploads as I get them upped. MF went on maintenance in the middle of me doing this so, um, yeah. :p

NOTE: I'm not including links to the usual songs they perform (those are a dime a dozen if you search over at YT), although if any of you can think of any particular performance that stood out, feel free to comment so I can add. :D

☊ F.T Island First Showcase: Part 1 Part 2
Love Sick; Debut Performance, 070607 MNet
Cherry Filter's Romantic Cat and Kim Ah Jung's Maria; 070803 YDH's Love Letter
Reds Go Together; 070819 Inkigayo with Heechul and Jang Geun Seuk
That Thing You Do; 070909 Inkigayo
Pinkle Pinkle + Nan namjada; 071125 Open Concert with Eru and Kim Jang Hoon
All I Want For Christmas; 071220 with Various Artists
Love Sick + After the Concert is Over @ 2007 MBC Gayo; with Younha
KBS Music Festival Special Stage; with Eru, SeeYa, Lee Ki-Chan — JYP Dance History
Friends @ MKMF 2007; Special Stage with Younha, feat. In Sooni
Way Back Into Love + Danbahlmori @ 2007 SBS Gayo Daejeun; Rookies Special Stage with Younha
A Man's First Love Follows Him To His Grave; YTN Star Special
Green Day's Basket Case; 080118 YDH's Love Letter
Until You Return + One Word; 080726 The BLUE Concert

NOTE: I didn't bother uploading the first album since all of those are available in the repackaged version anyway. I also included individual links to my favorite songs. ☆

[2007.06.08] Cheerful Sensibility
  1. 사랑앓이 / Saranghalee / Love Sick
  2. 행복합니다 / Haengbokhamnida / I Am Happy
  3. 천둥 / Cheondong / Thunder
  4. 한 사람만 / Han Saramman / Only One Person
  5. 집착 / Jibchak / Cling
  6. 남자의 첫 사랑은 무덤까지 간다 / A Man's First Love Follows Him To The Grave
  7. 하지말래요 / Hajimalleyo / They Said To Stop
  8. FT Island
  9. Reo Reo
  10. Primadonna
  11. 마중 / Majung / Meeting
  12. 사랑하는 법을 몰라서 / Saranghaneun Beobeul Mollaseo / Because I Don't Know How To Love
  13. 첫 키스 / Cheot Kisu / First Kiss

[2007.12.06] The Refreshment
    DISC 1
  1. 너 올 때까지 / Neo Ol Ddaekkaji / Until You Return
  2. 사랑이야 / Sarangiya / It's Love
  3. 눈물이 더 가까운 사람 / Nunmuli Deo Gakka-un Saram / A Person Who's Closer To Tears
  4. 사랑앓이 / Saranghalee / Love Sick
  5. 행복합니다 / Haengbokhamnida / I Am Happy
  6. 천둥 / Cheondong / Thunder
  7. 한 사람만 / Han Saramman / Only One Person
  8. 집착 / Jibchak / Cling
  9. 남자의 첫 사랑은 무덤까지 간다 / A Man's First Love Follows Him To The Grave
  10. 하지말래요 / Hajimalleyo / They Said To Stop

    DISC 2
  11. FT Island
  12. Reo Reo
  13. Primadonna
  14. 마중 / Majung / Meeting
  15. 사랑하는 법을 몰라서 / Saranghaneun Beobeul Mollaseo / Because I Don't Know How To Love
  16. 첫 키스 / Cheot Kisu / First Kiss
✪ Tracks 01→03: Treasure Chapter
✪ Tracks 04→10: Emotional Chapter
✪ Tracks 10→16: Island Chapter

[2008.06.07] Prologue of F.T Island -SOYOGI-
  1. Friendship
  2. ミライジテンシャ / Mirai Jitensha / Future Bicycle
  4. Stars
  5. A Song For You
  6. F.T Island
  7. Primadonna
  8. Always Be Mine
Tracks 01→08

UPDATED 090217

[2008.08.23] Colorful Sensibility
  1. 사랑후애 (譃愛); saranghooae [after love]
  2. 여자는 몰라; yeojaneun molla [girls don't know]
  3. 그대는 사랑입니다; geudaeneun sarangimnida [you are love]
  4. Love is
  5. 멋쟁이 VS 예쁜이 (FT VS PRI); meotjaengi VS yeppeuni [the cool VS the pretty] ☆
  6. 외워두기; wiweodugi [memorize]
  7. 미워하고 원망하고; miweohago weonmanghago [hate and resentment]
  8. 1분 1초도; 1bun 1chodo [even for 1minute and 1second]
  9. 사랑하지마요; saranghajimayo [don't love me]
  10. 사랑이라 부르는 이름; sarangira booreuneun ireum [a name called love]
  11. Troublemaker ☆
  12. Train ☆
Tracks 01→12

[2008.10.17] Colorful Sensibility Part 2
  1. 너를 사랑해 (Love is...); neoreul saranghae [Loving You] ☆
  2. Heaven ☆
  3. 너의 안부를 물을 때; neoui anbureul mureul ddae [Asking About Your Wellbeing]
  4. 바램; baraem [Desire]
  5. 내 오랜 그녀와 해야 할 일; nae oraen geunyeowa haeya hal il [My Long Day That I Should Spend With Her]
  6. 그대는 사랑입니다 (Remix); geunaeneun sarangibnida [You Are Love]
Tracks 01→06

[2008.12.17] THE ONE
  1. THE ONE ☆
  2. Live Like A Musical ☆
  3. You'll Be In My Heart
Tracks 01→03

[2009.02.13] Jump Up
  1. 나쁜 여자야 / Nappeun Yeojaya / Bad Woman
  2. 인형처럼 / Inhyeong Cheoreom / Like A Doll
  3. 마법 / Mabeop / Magic ☆
  4. Missing You ☆
  5. 그대와 나 / Keudaewa na / You And I ☆
  6. 어쩌란 말이야 / Eojjeoran Mariya
Tracks 01→06

사랑을 보았나봐
Must Have Seen Love (In Soon Is Pretty Soundtrack)
One Word
(On Air Soundtrack)
눈물이 흐른다
Tears Flowing (Love Songs Yeon Ga 2008)
요즘 나는 (Lee Hong Ki and Nam Gyu Ri)
Lately, I (Unstoppable Marriage Soundtrack)
"Hongki & Jonghun Duet" (First Island Concert)
That Thing You Do; That Thing You Do OST, The Wonders cover
Basketcase; Green Day cover
Maria; Kim Ah Jung cover
낭만 고양이 (Sweet Little Kitty); Cherry Filter cover
Friends; 2007 MKMF Awards, with Younha and In Sooni
Way Back Into Love; Music & Lyrics OST, 07.12.29 SBS Gayo Daejeon, with Younha
단발머리 (Bob Haircut); 07.12.29 SBS Gayo Daejun, with Younha ☆
After the Concert is Over; 2007 MBC Gayo, with Younha


loveft-i International Forum
silh0uette: F.T Island International Fanbase
YouTube: jinnienomuyeppo
YouTube: FTILove
wiki.Theppn: F.T Island
wikipedia:F.T Island

So, okay, they play instruments and don't write their own music, they're young, give them time eventually it can happen. At least we can look forward to the day when they'll be penning their own stuff. I'm sure that day will be glorious. :D And of course, I don't claim to know everything about them, so if you think I should add (or omit) something feel free to leave comments. ♥

Also, feel free to spread the link around, it's not pimping if it doesn't get around after all:

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