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fuck you livejournal.

lj release 88 is the first time that lj has ever pissed me off enough to prompt a(n attempt to) move to dreamwidth. i kind of want to start afresh anyway, and try actually posting entries again. if you're on dreamwidth: pearsfuls.

i can never actually let this go though so maybe every now and then you will still get vaguely passive-aggressive one-liners,which has all been i've basically been posting recently anyway.
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so i finally realised i cba having most of my silly shit public anymore and friends locked most of my entries up save for pimp posts and some pic spams. most future entries will probably be locked too from now on.

anyway, that is all, and have a good day everyone. :D
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[music] younha discography, etc/

Younha is a South Korean active both in Korean and Japanese Pop. She was nicknamed "Oricon Comet" following her success in Japan for the single ほうき星 (Comet), which was used as an ending theme for the Bleach anime.

This post will be updated with new releases and/or various other video clips (old/new). Just check for edits every now and then. Also, if something links to a file that isn't what's it's supposed please just leave a comment so I can fix. :D


birthname 고윤하 (go younha)
birthday 1988.04.29
origin seoul, south korea
Genre(s) J-Pop, K-Pop, Pop rock
Debut 2006.12.04 (Korea) ; 2004.10.20 (Japan)

Company Epic Records (Japan, 2004→2007), Geneon Entertainment/SISTUS RECORDS (Japan, 2008→), Stam Entertainment (Korea)
Education Korean University of Foreign Language
Languages Spoken: Korean, Japanese, English
Talents: Playing the piano, flute, traditional drum & castanets. Can use blind touch on the PC, wiggle her ears, and eat very spicy food.


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[fti] sgfdsgdgdhgf let's go!!

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[sj] disc two is clearly the shinier disc :D

I swear, I had, like, an epic entry about this season of Friday Night Lights so far (MATT AND JULIE, HELL YES), and bits about F.T Island, Younha and FT/Younha (sat through the entire episode of the latest Idol show raw) to talk about, and even some We Got Married talk (cause I'm all caught up and whoever guesses my favorite couple gets virtual cookies!), but clearly atm, Super Show Disc 2 owns me, and if I don't post these now, I probably never will.


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[pimpage] F·T! I·S! L·A! N·D! LET'S GO!!!!

This is partly for partypaprika, because I promised her pimpage, partly for me, just cause it's fandom indulging, and partly for everyone else because F.T Island is releasing their second Korean album on the 23rd so this can make for good anticipation. :D It took me days to finish but I'm glad I did it.

eta 090217 - DISCOGRAPHY UPDATED; just the discography though, not the profiles. wonbin's still here, not seunghyun :/


F.T. Island (Korean : 에프티 아일랜드), Five Treasure Island, or FTI, is the name of a South Korean rock ballad band. The name F.T. Island stands for 'Five Treasure Island', each of the five members being a treasure.[1] The band's official color is yellow, and their fans carry yellow flags known as "pentasticks." Their debut album, Cheerful Sensibility, was the sixth best-selling album of 2007 in South Korea. — wiki:FTI
members · television · music videos · performances · discography · credits

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So, okay, they play instruments and don't write their own music, they're young, give them time eventually it can happen. At least we can look forward to the day when they'll be penning their own stuff. I'm sure that day will be glorious. :D And of course, I don't claim to know everything about them, so if you think I should add (or omit) something feel free to leave comments. ♥

Also, feel free to spread the link around, it's not pimping if it doesn't get around after all: